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Iowa Support Master is a copyright of Alft & Wilson Publishing.

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Copyright Notice and Program Year

Iowa Support Master is licensed for use by those lawyers named in the license. Licensed lawyers may not use Iowa Support Master to conduct calculations, prepare forms, obtain results, print or funish documents to or for any lawyer not named in your license. Doing so is a copyright violation. Please respect our copyright by ordering the program for all lawyers with whom you are associated who handle family law matters and any matter that involves the calculation of support.

The program year starts on the date of the release of the software (typically November) and runs through December 31 of the program year. All updates and program support during the program year are provided at no charge to licensed users. All updates for all tax law and guidelines changes made during the program year are provided to licensed users at no charge.


The Special!

Order and pay for the 2017 program and receive the 2018 program for half-price! We are over half-way through the year. So we are cutting the price of 2018 if you order and pay now. Hurry because this offer will expire on September 1, 2017.

How it works! If you are paying by check, send in the proper amount. If by credit card, you will pay for 2017 using your credit card and send in a check for half the price of 2018.
  • One Lawyer User $339.00 with 2018 (1/2 - $169.00) Total $508
  • Two Lawyer Users $549.00 with 2018 (1/2 - $274.00) Total $823
  • Three Lawyer Users $759.00 with 2018 (1/2 - $379) Total $1,138
  • Four Lawyer Users $969.00 with 2018 (1/2 - $484) Total $1,453
  • Five or more Lawyer Users $1,179.00 (1/2 - $589) Total $1,768
We do not charge for non-lawyer support staff of licensed lawyers. Licensed lawyers may install the program on all computers under the control and supervision of the lawyer named in the license.


New Lawyer - Free Program Offer

If you have graduated from law school and passed the Iowa bar in the past year, we will provide the first year use of Iowa Support Master free of charge. You must be a member of the Iowa State Bar Association (where the 1st year membership is also free). If so, contact Patrick Wilson at 515-822-0203 or email


Economic Difficulties?

If you are experiencing economic difficulties, call 515-822-0203. We will furnish Iowa Support Master free or at reduced price. All calls are treated with complete respect and confidentiality.


Non-Profit and Public Service Agencies

Alft & Wilson Publishing provides Iowa Support Master at no charge to non-profit public service agencies dedicated to providing free legal services to Iowans. Contact us at 515-822-0203 or send an email to to see if you qualify.

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