Iowa Support Master

by Alft & Wilson Publishing

Registration Code Recovery

This web page provides you with access to your Iowa Support Master purchase information.

If your order is confirmed and you do not receive the email with your registration and download. If you do not receive it within 20 seconds, check your spam filter. It was sent.

Privacy Notes
Questions? Call: 515-822-0203


Program Download and Registration Code Info


You need a registration code to unlock Iowa Support Master. To obtain the code, fill in the email address you used to order the 2020 program below.
Select the program year needed:  

Enter the email address used to order the program:


Once you click the button above, if you ordered the program, you should be told your order is confrimed. If it is not confirmed, try other office email addresses. If all else fails, call 515-822-0203. We love to talk!

Click Here - 2020 Program Download. <- if your browser gives you the option, select to RUN the program. If you are not given that option, download it to your computer. Keep an eye out so you know where it will be saved locally.

Click Here to request a change of email address or call.