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Child Support Guidelines

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Child Support Guidelines


2022 Guidelines Complete - Click Here

2022 Guidelines Amendments- Click Here

Rule 9.8(2) QADD Modified - Click Here. Rule 9.8(2) amended to update an internal rule reference.

Rule 9.12(4) Medical Support Table - Click Here. A row of income was left out of the tables. The range 1201-1250. It has been corrected.

Rule 9.5(2)(3) Modified - Click Here. Rule 9.5(2)(j) The adopted guidelines contained an error. The word "not" was inadvertantly left out in the rule. It was corrected.

Guidelines Committee Report - Click Here. This is the report the Iowa Child Support Guidelines Review Committee submitted to the Iowa Supreme Court in June 2021.


2019 Modified Iowa Child Support Guidelines

Modified Guidelines - January 1, 2019 - PDF.


2018 Iowa Child Support Guidelines

Guidelines Adopted 2018 - PDF.


Iowa Code Section 252E.1A - Need to Know

Code of Iowa - 252E.1A PDF Print and keep handy.


2013 Iowa Child Support Guidelines

2013 Guidelines - PDF.


2009 Iowa Child Support Guidelines Revised July 1, 2009

2008 Guidelines - PDF.


2004 Iowa Child Support Guidelines Revised November, 2004

2004 Guidelines - html web page.