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"I have used Iowa Support Master for years. Of all the software I own and use, this is the only program where I can actually call for help and they answer the phone. I care about getting the numbers right and with Support Master, I know the results are accurate." Nicholas A. Bailey, Bailey Law Firm, P.L.L.C.

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2020 Iowa Support Master

The 2020 version of the program with the 2020 tax numbers was released on December 1, 2019.

I have been using Iowa Support Master for nearly 15 years. I cannot imagine calculating child support without it! Alft & Wilson dedicate themselves to ensuring this software is accurate, and I know every time I use Iowa Support Master that I can trust the results. For Alft & Wilson, this is more than just providing software to attorneys. They also stand behind their software, and they are available at any time to answer questions on the information to input (cash medical, etc), provide analysis, and more. They are truly invested to the software customers to make this user friendly, efficient, and understandable. However, Iowa Support Master offers more than just a child support calculation. It also allows you to draft a financial affidavit, determine post-secondary support, and complete an income withholding order, and it has a forms library available for other needs. I am so thankful for Iowa Support Master! ~ Kara L. McClure, Bergkamp, Hemphill & McClure, P.C.








Iowa Support Master Child Support Guidelines Software

Iowa Support Master is a child support guidelines calculation software program. We were the very first software program released in Iowa in April, 1994. Since then, our user base has expanded across Iowa and into neighboring states. Today, we estimate that more than 2,500 judges, lawyers, law clerks, legal assistants, secretaries and law students rely on Iowa Support Master to calculate child support and our support is second to none. Calls are answered live 24/7 both for tech support and guidelines assistance.

If you have never used Iowa Support Master, contact us. We will provide the program to you to try out at no charge.


There's a reason why so many rely on Iowa Support Master. Find out why today!